Distributed Solar

If you are considering renewable energy to cut down electricity bills or to do your bit for the environment, a rooftop solar solution is the answer to your needs. If your existing business premise has ample space to install rooftop solar, we offer you customised solar power solutions as per your needs to help you realise your business goals.

Installing a rooftop solar power plant will substantially reduce your energy costs since solar tariffs are lower than prevailing grid tariffs. Moreover, it helps you to monetise your existing area, like rooftops or parking areas, by enhancing its value. So, are you ready to make the switch?

Before you commission Aadi Ideology to design and install a rooftop solar plant installation, you must evaluate the feasibility of setting up a rooftop solar plant on your existing roof.

We offer turnkey solar solutions, from designing and installation to maintenance, leaving you free to focus on your core business. All that is required is access to your new roofs; we’ll do the rest. However, before you commission a rooftop solar power plant, there are a few feasibility checks that you need to carry out. You can conduct these yourself, or we can send our expert to check.


Is the rooftop free from large obstructions and the resulting shadows? -Ensure there are no large trees, buildings or billboards that can hamper the path of direct sunlight.


Is the area free from dust, pigmentation, haze or particulate matter? -Is the site easily accessible for periodic cleaning and maintenance?

Load-Carrying Capacity

Check the load-carrying power of the roof before installation. You should bolster the top to take on the weight of the heavy technology used. Engineers at Aadi Ideology will evaluate the location of your onsite solar system installation thoroughly before recommending a customised solution. In addition, we will develop an innovative solution that will fulfil your requirements while meeting safety and regulatory compliance.