Wind Solar Hybrid Farm

What if we told you that the average clean, renewable energy delivered to large corporates could be increased by integrating wind and solar farms to provide a hybrid supply? Wind Solar Hybrid presents an opportunity to harness the complementary nature of solar power and wind power.

A Wind Solar hybrid plant generates power continuously, with much less variability than a standalone solar plant (developed only during daylight hours) or a standalone wind plant (generated mainly during evening/night).

The Wind Solar Hybrid solution ensures high Plant Load Factors (PLFs) and offers a highly efficient and stable energy source.

What is Wind Solar Hybrid (WSH):

The Hybrid power system combines power from solar panels and wind turbines to produce uninterrupted electric power. Aadi Ideology wheels the integrated supply to your facilities in a pattern matching your base load.

Solar and wind power plants share the same evacuation infrastructure; hence the fixed costs and transmission charges are lowered. As a result, the power becomes less susceptible to curtailment because of its regular generation pattern.

Corporates can utilise the non-intermittent power they need, equivalent to their base load, and pay for only power lower than prevailing grid electricity tariffs.