Technical Services

Aadi Ideology is a market leader in solar panel installation and selling top-quality solar products. We serve customers across India.

Consider powering your business’ office, commercial building or manufacturing plant as an investment in the future. The immediate return, though, will be a significant cut on those monthly energy bills that you receive. They become self-sufficient in power usage.

Solar Power Modules

IEC-certified modules from India's top brands. Aadi Ideology is the leading supplier of solar panels in India. We offer a variety of high-performance, low-maintenance solar panels in Agra and other cities throughout India. These solar panels have the highest light absorbency and will save you money.

Solar String Inverters

Centralised inverters convert direct (DC) solar energy to alternating (AC) currents. The inverter is simple to use and takes up little space. A Solar String Inverter is the best option for most solar power systems in India. We offer all solar system services in India.

Net Metering

A billing mechanism that enables solar power plant owners to sell excess electricity generated by their plants. If you own a power plant that produces more electricity than you require, you can use this mechanism to send excess electricity to the primary grid and earn credits in exchange. Contact Aadi Ideology Services Pvt Ltd, for more information on Net-Metering.

Bi-Directional Meter

For net metering users, this metre measures the inflow and outflow of current. If your outflow is more significant than your inflow, the reading will be negative. However, you must pay for the excess consumption if you consume more power than you generate.


You can store excess energy with solar batteries if you do not want to use net metering. During the night or in bad weather, you can use power directly from your storage rather than the primary grid. Roop Solar provides the best solar system solutions in India.


We provide hassle-free post-installation care to our clients. Every 2-3 years, your solar system needs a check. So, we offer these services: Module Glass Treatment, Module Cleaning, and Descaling of Water Heaters. Regular maintenance of your plant leads to higher efficiency and better returns.